Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Detox & Addiction Treatment Program in Fayetteville, AR

For over 35 years, Vantage Point in Fayetteville has helped many men and women at our center who have come to us addicted to drugs or alcohol successfully detox and learn the skills needed to lead a sober, happy, and productive life.

Understanding Our Detox Program

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Vantage Point of Northwest Arkansas, near Fayetteville, offers a detoxification program for adults who come to our center chemically dependent upon drugs or alcohol. We understand that seeking help for substance abuse or alcoholism can be a tremendously scary feat, and we aim to make the process of substance abuse recovery as comfortable as possible at our center. To that end, we offer a medically-monitored detoxification program in which we will safely and effectively remove all drugs or alcohol from the client’s body while promoting maximum safety and comfort. Our center’s detox program acknowledges the many steps for our alcohol and drug detoxification process.


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During this part of the detox process, a client in this program is tested to see the specific substances that are currently in his or her system and bloodstream. We also evaluate the client for co-occurring, comorbid disorders, dual diagnosis, and mental health disorders.


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During stabilization at our center, our client will be guided through the process of detoxification using medications to reduce withdrawal symptom severity. Each client will be monitored 24 hours per day during the program to promote safety and comfort. We’ll thoroughly explain what is happening during this process before it happens so that there are no surprises during this time.

Guidance Within Treatment

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The very last step in the detox program is guidance into the next phase of the recovery journey. As detox only focuses upon the physical aspect of addiction, the next step in addiction recovery focuses upon the psychological treatment of addiction. You or a loved one is now ready for inpatient treatment at Vantage Point.

I had a great experience at this facility. I have been to one other facility in the past and I can really tell the difference. The process starts with a FREE assessment and it was done relatively quickly. The staff were empathetic and seemed to really care about helping me. Once I got on the unit I met with other staff who were equally helpful. I got to meet with my doctor and therapist while here and my stay was actually pretty comfortable. I was especially pleased with the beginning stages as I was desperate for help and I got it quickly. The hospital is open 24/7 and an assessment can be done without an appointment.

– A Former Resident