Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment in Fayetteville, AR

At Vantage Point in Fayetteville, AR, we strive to meet the individual needs of every patient who walks through our doors. For over 35 years, we have successfully served adults and senior adults at our center who are suffering from prescription drug addiction.

Learn More About Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Learn more about prescription drug addiction treatment at Vantage Point Behavioral Health Hospital in Fayetteville, AR

Addiction to prescription medication sneaks up on a person, often occurring after using a valid prescription to treat a legitimate medical concern. While most people who are prescribed prescription narcotics, stimulants, or sedatives take their medication at the correct time and frequency and then discontinue these medications as directed, some do not. Some people enjoy the rush they get from using narcotics, the bouts of increased energy associated with stimulants, and the tremendous relaxation attained with sedatives. If you are struggling with an addiction to prescription drugs, you may find that your addiction is slowly dictating your life – what you do, who you do it with, how you can get your next fix, and how you can continue to hide your prescription drug use and addiction from your loved ones. It’s time to end this vicious cycle and learn to live life without prescription drugs – you’re worth it.

Vantage Point of Northwest Arkansas, located in Fayetteville, has helped countless adults and senior adults who are struggling with mental health disorders or chemical dependency to successfully recover and regain control of their lives. Through the use of empirically validated treatments at our center, we offer those who are struggling with an addiction to prescription drugs a safe, nonjudgmental atmosphere where they can begin to truly heal from prescription drug abuse and addiction.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider treatment for prescription drug addiction at Vantage Point Behavioral Health Hospital in Fayetteville, AR

If you’ve been using prescription drugs for an extended period of time, your body has probably become reliant upon the drug to function. This means that if you stop, your body will go through withdrawal, and you could experience unpleasant symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms may force you to go back to using prescription drugs. Because of your prescription drug use, you may have lost a lot of important relationships in your life, and you may not know how to begin to rebuild them. Working may have become an impossibility, as you are probably often late, incoherent, or simply do not show up as scheduled. Your life may be falling apart around you and you may not know how to stop it. It’s time to make a change – for good.

Rehab at an inpatient treatment center that offers medically monitored detox, behavioral therapies, and other treatment approaches may be the ideal way for you to begin your journey towards sobriety. Inpatient treatment centers provide healing, therapy, and care in a short period of time, allowing you to leave the center sober and on the road to recovery. Most importantly, rehab at an inpatient treatment center is safe, secure, and offers you the opportunity to leave behind the stress and triggers of daily life in order to focus exclusively on getting – and staying – sober.

Our Philosophy

Vantage Point Behavioral Health Hospital philosophy and treatment benefits

At Vantage Point of Northwest Arkansas, located in Fayetteville, we’re especially proud to offer scientifically evaluated treatment that addresses all of the concerns in each patient’s life. We work hard to get to know each of our patients on a personal level in order to gain insight about the struggles they are facing and create a customized plan of care. As we aim to be a beacon of light for our patients and their communities, we strive to make sure treatment and rehab goals are met or exceeded, and that all therapeutic interventions are appropriately followed. We understand that prescription drug addiction treatment and rehab is different for everyone – what works for one person may not work for another, so we adjust all personalized care plans accordingly. Your care at our center will be constantly growing, changing, and evolving as you grow, change, and evolve.

Types of Treatment

Types of prescription drug addiction treatment offered at Vantage Point Behavioral Health Hospital in Fayetteville, AR

When you first come to our center for prescription drug rehab, you’ll undergo a battery of assessments that will give us an accurate idea of the struggles you’re facing so that we can develop the most suitable plan of care. Your medical exam will determine whether prescription drug use has caused any physical complications and will identify any drugs that may be in your system. The psychiatric evaluation will help us to determine whether you’re struggling from other, comorbid mental illnesses that need attention. We’ll then take the results of these assessments and sit down with you and your family to create an appropriate plan of care for your stay in rehab at our center.

Detox may be the first part of your prescription drug recovery journey at our center if you come to us physically dependent upon prescription drugs. Detox symptoms can range from mildly annoying to life-threatening, so we offer 24-hour supervision and medical management for detox. This ensures your safety and comfort as you effectively rid your body of any drugs that are in your system.

Medication may be used at the beginning of your stay in rehab at our center in order to manage some of the more unpleasant symptoms of your detox experience, and it will be slowly tapered down as you learn more appropriate coping mechanisms. Some individuals may find that they need more long-term medication management to treat underlying mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety. The use of medication will be determined by your treatment team and altered as necessary.

Individual therapy can help those in recovery from prescription drug addiction to learn the ways in which their negative thoughts led to their drug use. By identifying and challenging these false beliefs, you can learn strategies that will allow you to properly cope with your thoughts and feelings.

Group therapy is often considered one of the most important parts of drug abuse rehab and recovery, as the support of your peers can make all the difference in changing your life. In group therapy, you’ll work with others who are struggling with similar types of addiction. Together, you can learn the skills necessary for successful recovery that will continue after you leave our center.

Family therapy can be crucial to a patient’s recovery from prescription drug addiction, as the support of loved ones can make a tremendous difference. Family sessions at our center’s rehab program focus on education about recovery, deal with any family dynamics that need to be addressed, and allow your loved ones to learn how best to support you during treatment and recovery.

As a holistic treatment and rehab center, we offer several types of experiential therapy that are designed to complement traditional therapeutic approaches. These include:

  • Expressive therapy
  • Recreation

Continuing Care

Continuing care and levels of treatment for prescription drug addiction

As your time in rehab for prescription drug addiction at our center draws to a close, you’ll work very closely with your discharge planner, treatment team, and loved ones to determine the best plan for your aftercare needs. Some clients find that they’re not quite ready to leave the structure of an inpatient treatment center and may opt to join a residential rehab program or a sober living center. Others may find that they’re able to discharge to outpatient therapy, such as an intensive outpatient program (IOP) or a partial hospitalization program (PHP). These programs allow clients to work on their sobriety and recovery during the day and then return home in the evenings and on weekends. Other individuals may feel ready to return to their home life after prescription drug rehab at our center with referrals to our traditional outpatient therapy and community resources.

I wanted to give this recommendation for Vantage Point. This hospital has been very good for me. They work very hard to make sure their patients are well taken care of. I felt lucky to be here for in-house stay and now for IOP. If you need help emotionally this is the place to be.

– a former client