Heroin Addiction Treatment in Fayetteville, AR

At Vantage Point in Fayetteville, AR, we strive to meet the individual needs of every patient who walks through our doors. For over 30 years, we have successfully served adults and senior adults at our center who are suffering from heroin addiction.

Learn More About Heroin Addiction Treatment

Learn more about heroin addiction treatment at Vantage Point Behavioral Health Hospital in Fayetteville, AR

Derived from morphine, heroin is a highly addictive drug that works as a central nervous system depressant. When taken in its purest form, it provides the user with feelings of euphoria by temporarily minimizing the brain’s ability to feel pain while also increasing feelings of pleasure. Heroin addiction occurs when a person continues to use this drug despite the significant impairment or distress it causes in their life. Prolonged heroin use can cause both molecular and neurochemical changes within the brain, leading to a heroin tolerance and causing the user to need higher doses in order to feel the effects that the body has begun to crave. Over time, drug addiction takes over an individual’s entire life; all of their time is spent obtaining, using, and recovering from the effects of heroin.

At Vantage Point, located in Fayetteville, AR, we have over 30 years of experience helping adults and senior adults at our center who are struggling with a variety of mental health and substance use disorders. We know how destructive an addiction to heroin can be, and we want to help you get your life back on track. With proper treatment, you can get sober and learn the tools needed for a happier future.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider treatment for heroin addiction at Vantage Point Behavioral Health Hospital in Fayetteville, AR

After prolonged heroin use, an individual can become both physically and psychologically dependent upon the drug, making it almost impossible to quit without additional help. In addition to altering the structure and function of the brain, continued heroin use has a serious negative impact on an individual’s health. Addicts often have damaged or collapsed veins from injection, there is a higher risk for bacterial or viral infections, and it can lead to the development of heart infections. If you are using heroin, you may have noticed that you have slowly become more socially isolated from your friends and family, your work performance has slowly been declining, and you may be facing numerous legal problems.

The good news is that recovery is possible. One of the best chances you have for beating a heroin addiction is through the help of an inpatient treatment center that specializes in the treatment and rehab of substance use and addiction problems, including heroin. A treatment center with experience in treating heroin addiction can help relieve the symptoms of withdrawal during detox and provide you with a number of therapeutic approaches that will help you begin to heal. Additionally, an inpatient center will provide you with a safe environment during rehab away from the stress of everyday life, where you can truly focus all of your energy on the recovery process.

Our Philosophy

Vantage Point Behavioral Health Hospital philosophy and treatment benefits

At Vantage Point in Fayetteville, we know that no two people are alike, and we make every effort to understand and meet the specific needs of each patient at our center. We are dedicated to providing confidential care in an environment that is designed to promote crisis resolution, positive self-awareness, and personal growth. At Vantage Point, we provide a full continuum of care that ranges from acute inpatient treatments to various outpatient treatments. Throughout all of our center’s programs, our main goal is to stabilize patients and get them back to their highest level of functioning so that they can return to their community as quickly as possible.

Types of Treatment

Types of heroin addiction treatment offered at Vantage Point Behavioral Health Hospital in Fayetteville, AR

Upon arriving at Vantage Point, you will meet with a qualified assessment specialist who will conduct a thorough assessment in order to identify your exact needs and determine your most appropriate level of care at our center. The results of this assessment will be used to develop a plan of care that will outline your treatment and rehab process for your stay at our center for heroin addiction. The different types of treatment and rehab we provide at our center through our inpatient program for heroin addiction include:

Detoxification: If you come to Vantage Point chemically dependent on heroin, you will begin your inpatient stay at our center in our detoxification program. Offering round-the-clock care, the detox program at Vantage Point is designed to help remove all toxic substances, including heroin, from your body as safely and effectively as possible.

Medication management: Medication is often used during detox at our center to help manage some of the unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal. Additionally, it may be used to control the symptoms of an existing co-occurring disorder. You will work closely with your psychiatrist during rehab at our center in order to find a medication that works best for you, and it will be consistently monitored throughout your stay with us.

Individual therapy: All of our patients will participate in individual therapy with a qualified therapist at least once per week while in rehab at our center for heroin addiction. However, additional sessions are available on an as-needed basis. During individual sessions, patients will have the opportunity to explore and process the various emotions that they may be experiencing, while also determining the underlying causes for the development of their addiction.

Group therapy: Group therapy is held on an ongoing basis, meeting multiple times per day. These group sessions cover topics such as developing positive coping skills, exploring emotional disturbances, identifying triggers for using heroin, and relapse prevention. Group therapy sessions at our center are also an ideal time for patients in rehab to come together to support and learn from one another.

Family involvement: At Vantage Point, we understand the importance of family involvement in the success of a person’s treatment and rehab for heroin addiction. Family therapy sessions are held once a week at our center, and extra sessions can be requested and held at the discretion of the individual’s therapist. Patients are also able to have weekly visitation with family members.

Continuing Care

Continuing care and levels of treatment for heroin addiction

Planning for discharge begins the moment a patient is admitted into a program at our center. Starting the discharge planning process at admission allows case managers and care coordinators time to organize future treatment and rehab options. On the day of discharge, patients will have a final meeting with their treatment and rehab team in order to go over the next steps for continued care. When patients leave our center, they will be armed with the ongoing support and resources they need to remain successful with their sobriety.

Some clients feel that they would like more time to work through their challenges and choose to enter into a residential rehab program. Others may discharge to an intensive outpatient program (IOP) or partial hospitalization program (PHP), both of which allow for therapy during the day and a slow reintegration back into the home in the evenings and on weekends. Still others may feel that enough progress has been made at our Fayetteville center for them to return home with referrals to our traditional outpatient therapy program and community resources.

I wanted to give this recommendation for Vantage Point. This hospital has been very good for me. They work very hard to make sure their patients are well taken care of. I felt lucky to be here for in-house stay and now for IOP. If you need help emotionally this is the place to be.

– a former client