Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Fayetteville, AR

At Vantage Point in Fayetteville, AR, we strive to meet the individual needs of every patient who walks through our doors. For over 30 years, we have successfully served adults and senior adults at our center who are suffering from cocaine addiction.

Learn More About Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Learn more about cocaine addiction treatment at Vantage Point Behavioral Health Hospital in Fayetteville, AR

If you are struggling with cocaine addiction, you are not alone. Cocaine is an extremely addictive substance, and even after one use, a person can become dependent on it. You may find yourself trying to hide your cocaine use. Once loved ones find out, they may push you away. Even if they don’t find out, they may notice a shift in your mood. You might be excitable and elated one minute, and depressed and agitated the next. Because this can be confusing to friends and family members, and they may not know how to react or approach you, they may begin avoiding you.

When it reaches that point, you may be struggling with cocaine addiction. You might feel hopeless or unable to function without cocaine. But know that addiction does not have to define you, and you do not have to continue suffering from the damaging consequences of cocaine use. You can get the help that you need and deserve at Vantage Point.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider treatment for cocaine addiction at Vantage Point Behavioral Health Hospital in Fayetteville, AR

Chronic cocaine use can lead to problems in nearly every aspect of your life. Loved ones may begin to distance themselves from you. Additionally, you may struggle financially, or have a hard time holding a job. Chronic cocaine use can also cause a decline in physical and mental health, even to the point where you barely recognize yourself.

Inpatient treatment centers can be successful in the rehab and treatment of cocaine addiction. While the thought of admitting yourself to an inpatient treatment center for rehab can be scary, the benefits of doing so can help to alleviate some of those fears. Inpatient treatment provides a safe environment where you are surrounded by caring professionals who will encourage and assist you in your treatment and rehab for cocaine addiction. Many people find comfort in the fact that they are surrounded by others who are in a similar situation.

Our Philosophy

Vantage Point Behavioral Health Hospital philosophy and treatment benefits

At Vantage Point of Northwest Arkansas in Fayetteville, we help adults and senior adults at our center who are struggling with chemical dependency, dual diagnosis, or mental health disorders. Through an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to treatment and rehab, we provide our clients with the ability to build upon their strengths and guide their own journey towards recovery. At our center, we firmly believe in treating the whole person, not merely the symptoms of cocaine addiction or mental illness.

Types of Treatment

Types of cocaine addiction treatment offered at Vantage Point Behavioral Health Hospital in Fayetteville, AR

When you come to our center for treatment and rehab for cocaine addiction, we’ll conduct a variety of evaluations designed to help us understand your specific concerns. The medical evaluation will help us to identify any medical complications of cocaine use and determine the types of drugs in your system. Our psychiatric evaluation will allow us to diagnose any co-occurring mental health disorders. We will then use the results of these tests to work with you to create a plan of care for your stay at our center for cocaine addiction rehab.

Detox: If you come to our center addicted to drugs like cocaine, your first step in rehab may be our detoxification program, which will allow us to safely and efficiently rid your body of all drugs in your system. We offer medically monitored detoxification at our center, which provides safety, comfort, and round-the-clock monitoring.

Medication may be used during detox at our center to manage unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and will be tapered as you develop more adaptive coping skills. Some individuals may require long-term medication therapy in order to manage co-occurring, comorbid psychiatric conditions. All medication usage in rehab at our center will be monitored and adjusted as needed by your treatment team.

Individual therapy can help you come to terms with the problems cocaine use has caused in your life. Your therapist may use cognitive behavioral therapy to assist you in understanding the ways in which negative patterns of thought have affected your behaviors. By changing these thoughts, you can make better choices in the future.

Group therapy is one of the best ways for individuals who are struggling with addiction to bond and work through challenges together. Group topics during rehab at our center may include stress management, triggers for use, and relapse prevention.

Family therapy can help restore strained relationships within the family unit. We use family sessions at our center to educate loved ones about addiction, recovery, and ways they can be supportive during your treatment and recovery.

As a holistic treatment and rehab center, Vantage Point is proud to offer several experiential therapies to help assist you in your recovery, including:

  • Expressive therapies
  • Recreational activities

Continuing Care

Continuing care and levels of treatment for cocaine addiction

As the time for discharge from rehab for cocaine addiction at our center approaches, you’ll work with your family and our treatment team to develop an appropriate aftercare plan that meets your continued needs. Some people opt to continue treatment and rehab for cocaine addiction in a structured environment and may choose a residential treatment center or a sober living facility. Others may be able to step down into an outpatient program such as a partial hospitalization program (PHP) or an intensive outpatient program (IOP), both of which allow you to focus on your recovery during the day and slowly reintegrate back into the community in the evenings and on weekends. Other people may choose to return home with referrals to our traditional outpatient therapy program and community resources such as Narcotics Anonymous.

I had a great experience at this facility. I have been to one other facility in the past and I can really tell the difference. The process starts with a FREE assessment and it was done relatively quickly. The staff were empathetic and seemed to really care about helping me. Once I got on the unit I met with other staff who were equally helpful. I got to meet with my doctor and therapist while here and my stay was actually pretty comfortable. I was especially pleased with the beginning stages as I was desperate for help and I got it quickly. The hospital is open 24/7 and an assessment can be done without an appointment.

– A Former Resident