Fayetteville, AR’s Local Mental & Behavioral Health Support Groups

We have collected a list of local resource, support groups, and organizations for you or your loved one to work with after or prior to entering treatment at Vantage Point.

12-Step Support Near Fayetteville, AR

Across the world, 12-Step programming has helped countless individuals to maintain their recovery from addiction to alcohol or other drugs.  Meetings offered through programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) have allowed people to apply the 12 Steps to their lives with the support of other local community members so that recovery can become a possibility.

Local Resources

An aftercare plan will be provided to you once you complete professional treatment, and it will likely encourage your participation in 12-Step meetings like AA and NA, depending on your recovery needs.

Both AA and NA offer you a platform to openly share your experiences with addiction with others who can personally relate. Sharing and then listening to the experiences of others can help you start to establish health coping strategies, as well as a strong network of support right in your community. As you continue to attend AA or NA meetings, you are likely to keep seeing positive growth in your recovery.

To find meetings in Fayetteville, AR, please visit the following links:

Support groups for various concerns are also available throughout Fayetteville, AR. To ensure that you get the most out of the support groups of your choosing, be sure that you are attending ones that are relevant to your experiences. And when looking for support groups, be detailed in what you are looking for.

If you are struggling with the symptoms of depression or bipolar disorder, there is support available to you within Fayetteville, AR. To find support groups within your community that can be of assistance to you, please visit the link below:

If you are a senior who is experiencing issues such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, local support also exists for you, too. It is important to know that you do not have to go through the symptoms of these conditions on your own. To locate senior-focused support groups, please click the following link:

For Loved Ones

When your loved one is grappling with addiction, it can be extremely hard to watch, never mind experience on a personal level. The presence of addiction in your life, even if you are not the one using, can be extremely damaging to your emotional and psychological wellbeing. Thankfully, there is local support available to help you cope during this unpredictable time.

Nar-Anon is a program strictly for those who have loved one’s who are addicted to drugs. This 12-Step program provides meetings in your area so that you can connect with others who can relate to the challenges you have been experiencing. Sharing your stories, along with listening to those of others, can be majorly beneficial in your own personal recovery as you can start to develop strong coping skills and healthier outlooks on addiction.

To find Nar-Anon meetings in Fayetteville, AR, please click below:

Making the Most of Meetings

Regardless of the kinds of meetings or support groups you plan to attend, it can be critical to fully engage yourself in them so that you can gain the greatest benefit.

Throughout Fayetteville, AR, people utilize 12-Step meetings and support groups to overcome issues like addiction and mental illness, and you can, too. And when you are feeling stable in your own personal progress, you can offer the same support back into your community.

I wanted to give this recommendation for Vantage Point. This hospital has been very good for me. They work very hard to make sure their patients are well taken care of. I felt lucky to be here for in-house stay and now for IOP. If you need help emotionally this is the place to be.

– a former client