Mental Health & Psychiatric Treatment & Rehab in Fayetteville, AR

At Vantage Point of Northwest Arkansas, locate near Fayetteville, we treat men and women at our center who are struggling with both mental health disorders and substance abuse and addiction. Others may come to our center facing challenges with two or more mental health disorders. These co-occurring, comorbid disorders can further complicate the stressors in the lives of those we treat, which is why we offer a dual-diagnosis program at our center. People who are diagnosed with a combination of two or more mental health disorders or chemical dependency meet the criteria for our co-occurring disorders program. For clients struggling with comorbid, co-occurring disorders, our center offer an integrated approach to treatment that meets the needs of all the diagnosed disorders.

When our clients first come to our center, they will undergo a number of evaluations that will allow us to determine if they are struggling with more than one type of mental illness or a combination of mental disorder and chemical dependency issues. If it is discovered during these evaluations that a client has one or more co-occurring disorders in addition to the symptoms of the presenting disorder, we will use this information to create a treatment plan. The treatment plan will be created specifically for each client and will include immediate and ongoing treatment of all disorders in a holistic manner. Treatment options at our center for co-occurring disorders may include detoxification, medication management, and a wide array of therapeutic techniques designed to heal the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.

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