Meth Addiction Treatment & Rehab in Fayetteville, AR

Meth is a very dangerous way to get high – the components used to make this highly-addictive stimulant range from innocuous to highly toxic and the effects meth has on the body are devastating. If you’ve been abusing meth, you may have initially gotten hooked on the extremely pleasurable feelings it provides. Soon, though, you needed more of the drug to induce the same effects, often staying up for days abusing meth, forgoing sleep and eating, totally lost in the high. You may have shied away from your friends who just didn’t understand the wonderful things meth was allowing you to do. Eventually, your social circle of friends and loved ones may have dwindled to the point at which you were left only with those with whom you got high. You may know this is no way to lead your life and you may not know how you can get out.

Vantage Point of Northwest Arkansas, located in Fayetteville, has been helping children, teens, adults, and older adults at our center recover from behavioral problems and chemical dependency for many years. Through our innovative approach to addiction rehab and treatment, people addicted to meth have emerged from our treatment center sober and ready to embark upon a new life full of joy, sobriety, and hope.

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How to Help a Loved One or Family Member Seek Treatment

If you’ve been watching your loved one spiral downward into addiction to methamphetamine, the change in him or her is probably dramatic. From weight loss so severe it leads to malnourishment to personality changes so intense you may not recognize your loved one, meth knows no bounds. As it ravaged your loved one’s body and mind, you may have stood by, unsure of what to do or how to fix this problem. There is hope. Here are some tips for guiding your loved one into treatment and rehab at an addiction center for meth addiction:

Learn about addiction: Addiction is a disease of the brain, which means that it’s not something a person can simply “shake off” and “be done with.” It actually causes changes in the structure and function of the brain, which leads to many of the drug-seeking behaviors.

Learn about addiction rehab and treatment: Addiction is a tricky disease to treat. With the right combination of support, self-help, detox, and recovery strategies, your loved one can recover from addiction – it just may take a few attempts to get sober.

Remind your loved one of what he or she is missing: People who become addicts often begin to believe that they cannot actually live without meth. Sit down with your loved one and remind him or her of what meth is actually taking away from their lives. This may be the reality check he or she needs to kick the habit once and for all.

Why Seek Inpatient Treatment at Vantage Point

If you’re living with a chronic meth problem, your life has slowly come to revolve around meth. Scoring it, using it, getting high, then recovering from meth – that’s what you do all day, every day. You’ve probably lost your job due to erratic work performance or excessive absenteeism and may have resorted to unsavory activities to further your habit. You may be putting your life at risk each time you try to score more meth and the health-related consequences of meth abuse may have become quite evident. You may have developed HIV/AIDS or hepatitis from sharing needles, watched as your teeth rotted out of your mouth, and spent hours digging for “meth bugs” under your skin until your face and body became covered in open sores. Your friends and family may have left you behind, no longer willing to watch as you spiral downward. You may want to escape the meth but may not know how.

An inpatient treatment and rehab center that combines detox with medication management and behavioral therapies can be one of the most effective ways for people who abuse meth to learn the skills needed to lead a sober life. You’ll work with others similarly struggling with meth addiction and support one another through the process of learning to lead a life without drugs. Additionally, an inpatient treatment and rehab center will allow you the chance to avoid the triggers for using and the stresses of your daily life so that you can focus upon what matters most – recovery and sobriety.

Program Philosophy and Benefits

At Vantage Point in Fayetteville, we’ve helped countless children, teens, adults, and older adults at our center struggling with chemical dependency and mental health disorders learn the skills needed to rebuild their lives and look forward to their future with a renewed sense of hope. Using a multidisciplinary team approach, we’ll work personally with you and your loved ones to make sure we know as much about you as possible in order to create a specific plan of care that meets all of your needs. Our serene environment offers a welcome break from the stresses of the outside world so that you’re able to focus upon your recovery, go through various types of therapies, and fully engage in the treatment and rehab process so that you can emerge victorious in your battle with meth addiction.

If you feel that you are in crisis, or are having thoughts about hurting yourself or others, please call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

Treatment Options Offered at Vantage Point

When you first come our center for meth addiction rehab, you’ll work closely with your treatment team as you undergo a battery of examinations that will help us get a clear picture of your challenges and how best to help you overcome these challenges. As meth does much damage to the body, our center’s medical evaluation will be comprehensive so we can diagnose and begin treatment for any medical complications of your methamphetamine abuse. Our psychiatric evaluation will determine if you’re struggling with co-occurring mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety. We’ll take the results of these evaluations and work alongside you to create an individualized plan of care that meets your current and ongoing treatment and rehab needs while at our center.

Detox may be the first step in your stay for rehab at our center if you have come to us heavily addicted to methamphetamines. Through detox, you’ll be monitored around-the-clock by medical personnel to help prevent complications and manage symptoms as we effectively rid your body of the methamphetamines.

Medications may be used at the beginning of your stay for rehab at our center to manage any unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and slowly tapered down as you learn more adaptive ways of coping with your symptoms. Other people may require more long-term medication management to address any co-occurring disorders.

Individual therapy can be tremendously helpful for people struggling with meth addiction and chemical dependency. Through using a technique called cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), your therapist will work with you to discuss ways in which your negative thoughts have impacted your behaviors. Through recognition of this pattern, you can work with your therapist to change your behaviors for the better.

Group therapy is often considered the cornerstone of meth addiction rehab and treatment as it allows people from all walks of life struggling with addiction to come together and work through problems in a group manner. At our center, you’ll cover topics such as triggers, relapse prevention, and processing the emotions surrounding your addiction.

Family therapy can be very helpful for people recovering from meth addiction as loved ones can offer a wealth of support during this difficult time. Family sessions will discuss ways in which your addiction has impacted others, allow loved ones to share their feelings about addiction, and educate your loved ones about addiction and recovery.

As we are a holistic treatment and rehab center, we offer several alternative therapies to augment your existing care plan. These experiential treatments may include:

  • Expressive therapy
  • Recreation
  • School-based programming (children and adolescents only)

Continuing Care and Levels of Care

When you first come to our center for rehab, we’ll begin the process of discharge planning in order to make sure your transition to your next level of care is as seamless as possible. You’ll work with your discharge planner and loved ones to determine the next step in your recovery journey from meth addiction. Some opt to join a residential rehab program or sober living house to reinforce the skills learned in our inpatient treatment center. Others may step down into an intense outpatient program such as an intensive outpatient program (IOP) or partial hospitalization program (PHP). These programs allow you to work on your recovery during the day while returning home in the evenings. Still others may find referrals to our own outpatient clinic and community resources to be the best option to meet their needs.

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